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Anything about: The Tyty109 Universe, other universes, Weegee and Fakegees, people living in these universes (ex: Weegee), Items found in these universes, galaxies in these universes, Conworlds, memes, Mario stuff, Viruses (ex: Weegee Virus), Energies and powers, and events that took place in these universes.

If something isn't on here that you think should, Ask for it to be created, get KFC or Don't Create It!

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We're Moving!!!

The pages in the Tyty109 Universe Wiki have moved to the brand new Known Dimension Wiki If you haven't yet read our Known Dimension page, the Known Dimension is a dimension paralelle to ours where the Tyty109 Universe, everything in it, and everything on this wiki are in. Because a lot of the pages on this Wiki are mostly about places and people in the Known Dimension, and not so much the Tyty109 Universe anymore, we are moving to the Known Dimension wiki. So if a page has nothing to do with the Tyty109 Universe, then please put it in the Known Dimension Wiki.

--Tyty109 (talk) 23:45, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

Celebrating 100 Pages!

The Tyty109 Universe Wiki now has 100 pages! 1 by User:TheAmazingHypneegee and 99 by User:Tyty109! Thank you TheAmazingHypneegee for being the only contributor other than myself!!!

--Tyty109 (talk)

New Look To Front Page

We have made the front page of the wiki look a little different by adding colored headings. Hope everyone likes it. We have also added this news section so you can catch up on the latest stuff happening in the Tyty109 Universe!

--Tyty109 (talk) 02:24, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

Recent Universe Activity

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Weegee Wars

Weegee Wars

Dinner Blaster-pic

The King with his Dinnerblaster

Modern minecraftia






700px-UnWorld (1)

A Map of the modern UnWorld

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